Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A little Light

If you need a new task lamp for your desk at home or at the office I have the lamp for you! The Tolomeo table base lamp from Hive Modern. It’s super cool and I can definitely see this lamp being on my desk at work.  It is made from extruded aluminum and knobs in polished die-cast aluminum and tension cables in stainless steel. Don’tcha just love it?! Plus it comes in 5 different colors but this is my favorite.

            Aside from the aesthetics most importantly it’s practical. It is fully adjustable and has direct lighting. This lamp could be used in any desk rather at home or at the office. It has that ability depending on what color you choose. 
When I look at this lamp I see two distinct elements of design. Line and shape are emphasized in the design of this lamp. I can see a continuous movement in lamp that reminds me of a line, while at the same time the shape is defined and stands out from the space around it. Although it’s thin it doesn’t just blend in or look too plain to me. It has its own unique interest and style. Now I can’t mention the elements and not give a shout out to the principles. I know it’s a bit geeky to think about the principles and elements of design, but they really are important and every great designer knows this. Balance is the obvious principle to me because without it “literally” it wouldn’t stand up, but figuratively speaking it does possess balance in the sense that it’s proportionate and the size of the base compliments the lamp. It also has some visual rhythm going on. When I look at it it’s not obtrusive or a strain on the eyes. There can be great contrast with the lamp depending on what type of accessories are place around it.
This lamp reflects my personality and can even speak about the type of firm I want to work for. Unique and stylish, yet not too flashy, like my design taste. I like modern design with a twist of historical influence. Before I did my internship this summer at Allen Saunders Inc. in Miami, Fl, I thought I liked more traditional design, but being there showed me that I can have my cake and eat it too and have the best of both worlds. Ultimately I want to work for an international firm that does a little bit of everything. Traveling and being exposed to different cultures while working would be the perfect job for me. An environment with people that have a sincere appreciation for design and put forth their best efforts and work together as a team (like the lamp) would be ideal. I know I have the potential to become an excellent project manager one day and I would like to do so. Currently I enjoy hospitality and residential, but I don’t want to limit myself to just those two. I want to gain exposure to various types of design. The more the merrier. Why not?!

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