Monday, September 12, 2011

Design Philosphy

Ok people let’s get deep for one moment. Think about it. Every designer has an awareness of their design style and approach. We all think about it, but some of us never write these thought on paper. In case you are lost I am referring to a design philosophy. You know. What is your attitude about design? What do you want to achieve through your design? Why do you even like design? Etc. etc. etc.…. Well I thought about it and I decided it is finally time to put it all down on paper. So here is my personal design philosophy.
                Designers are presented with the unique opportunity to redefine and create remarkable interiors. But what’s most interesting is the ability to be creative and think outside the box. For the designer this is perfectly acceptable (as long as it’s safe and functional). Interior design is a service profession to be practiced by caring individuals who value the needs of others. Good design reflects the needs and wants of the client and understands and appreciates their needs as well.
It’s a satisfying feeling to know that as a designer, the interiors created are something tangible that will impact the lives of other, yet realizing that design is bigger than you or me, it’s global. We should have an appreciation for other cultures and embrace the diversity each one brings. I am fascinated with other cultures and it’s fun to try to understand the world from someone else’s perspective. The world is forever changing and society is always reinventing itself, but it’s important not to get caught up in fads and trends because they don’t last long and ultimately neither will the design. Design should possess a timeless quality that can transcend expectations and leave an environmentally friendly footprint. Mother Earth’s resources are depleting and that’s why it’s important to practice sustainability. While meeting the needs of the client a designer needs to think about the efficient proper use of materials and their effects on the environment. Ethical practices are as important in the area of design as in other professional disciplines.
By nature I am very inquisitive and I am not afraid to ask questions or say I don’t know. What’s great about that is that I am always learning and looking for ways to gain more exposure to the field. As I continue my quest for knowledge I know that there will be obstacles to overcome and hurdles to jump over but that’s part of the exploration! My education, technical knowledge, and my own intuition are key components that will definitely help me be able to enter the design field as a competent, confident designer.

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