Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby steps

“Design is a learning experience. So my agenda is to figure out what I want to learn next.”
Ayse Birsel, Industrial Designer and President

This statement sums up exactly where I am right now. I am learning and growing and continuing to expose myself to as many things as possible. This is my final semester in college and so far I have been exposed to a lot of different areas of design, but for my thesis project I decided to delve into the world of institutional design. I am designing a space for at-risk youths ages 13-18 who are in crisis and consider “at-risk teens”. The shelter will provide short-term housing along with a healing and rehabilitating environment. Therapeutic interventions such as Play Therapy, Music Therapy, and Art Therapy are some unconventional methods as outlets which enable people to heal, change, and grow. Well my focus for this will be culinary therapy that will be incorporated in the treatment that the teens will receive.  There will also be a café which will be operated by the teens and staff and will be open to the public.
            The research for this project has been very interesting and tedious. The impact of color and the discovery of the user/client needs has been an adventure. I am excited to learn more about healthcare design and who knows, maybe it might open a door for my future. I enjoy learning about different types of design and methods. I will never stop learning even when I leave the “classroom”. After this, what’s next!? Maybe yacht design!!

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  1. Very interesting topic! Industrial design will surely be a great addition to your portfolio. It would be nice to follow the progress of your project. This blog is a good spot!