Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"To Be or Not to Be"

     There are so many professional organizations for Interior Designers to be a part of. ASID, USGBC, IIDA, and NEWH are a couple, just to name a few. As I get closer and closer to graduation I realize that when I begin working I must continue to find more ways to stay involve and be "in the know". So I thought to myself, if I had to choose only one which one would it be?! I would choose to be a member of International Interior Design Association (IIDA).
     I believe that this organization will be the best fit for me. I want to work in hospitality design and I want to travel all over the world. What better way than to be connected with an organization whose mission is to "create an international association with a united mission that would represent Interior Designers worldwide". Not only am I getting a degree in Interior Design, but I am also obtaining one in Spanish. Being a member of an international organization will also help me unite with other people from different walks of life and see the world of design from their eyes.
     I spoke with Carolina Diaz about membership in organizations such as this one and she said that it's a great opportunity for networking and learning more about the field and staying connected with the latest advances. It's also a great way to continue feeding your passion for design. As a designer networking is very important and beneficial and can lead to other great opportunities as well such as jobs and new friends.
Other benefits of IIDA is the forums that aid in your professional development and their philanthropic efforts worldwide. As a college student I have been involved on campus in a variety of different ways from giving tours to prospective students to going on missions trips to help make a difference and I feel that being a part of IIDA will continue to allow me to do so even after college.
     After I graduate I definitely want to work for an International firm (Residential or Commercial) where my passion for design and desire to learn can be appreciated. I enjoy embracing different cultures and styles of design and I would like to be able to have that flexibility to travel abroad to work on other projects.
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