Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Set Designer in Me

Hands down one of my favorite shows to watch is “Modern Family”. It’s a hilarious show that depicts the lives of three related family households: The father, his daughter Claire, and her younger brother Mitchell.  Each family is totally different yet they all balance each other out and make the show amazing. Every house has a signature look that matches their personalities perfectly, and this is especially important so that the viewers can immediately figure out whose house is whose. Thumbs up to the set designers for this show.

The Dunphy Family

Phil and Claire Dunphy's house exterior

The Great Room
 Phil and Claire live in a house with design sense that reminds me of pottery barn. It is cozy and comfortable with a spin on the traditional look. They use a lot of color and accents through out the house but the colors work and reflect their personalities.

I really like the plates on the wall and the use of warm colors in the kitchen.
Gives it a rustic country feeling.

                The residence of Mitchell and Cameron is primarily design with neutral and warm colors. Their house is a mixture of traditional, contemporary, and Asian design.  

It’s an upscale neo-modern gay décor that compliments Mitchell’s personality best.

The Dining Room

 The kitchen is bland and in my opinion doesn't reflect their
personalities and design style. But I do like the cut out in the wall
that connects and opens the living room with the kitchen. 
If it were up to Cam there would be bright colors everywhere, which is exactly why he has no business decorating baby lily’s bedroom.

He got too carried away with their daughter Lily’s pink, flower room which is a disaster. Above her crib is a mural of her two dads painted like Greek gods floating on clouds. All you need is common sense to see that that is just doing the most. It is over the top and needs to be covered up, but on the flip side every time they show her room I crack up laughing because it has Cam written all over it. His dramatic over the top personality definitely shows up in this room.

The exterior of their home matches Jay well because
he is an architect, so the features in this house also show that.

I really like the front door with its abstract geometric mosaic of windows and a handle that is off center and diagonal. Can you see it?!

Heavy leather furniture, but you can see
Glorias touch from the zebra print lamp shade.

Jay, Gloria, and Manny live in a modern home that is colorful and eclectic.

Bold red kitchen

So many choices when it comes to seating in this kitchen, but all the design work together,
 even the what would seem to be random zebra print chairs.

The design taste from this family most likely comes from Gloria. The bold use of colors, decorative accessories, and modern furniture matches her personality and fashion sense.

The design set for this show is amazing and I really like it. I would improve the set decorations for the kitchen of Mitchell and Cam because it's soo boring. That was the only disappointment I had. But tell me what do you think?!

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